Purpose and Procedure

Conduct Committee Purpose and Procedure


The Conduct Committee is a mechanism through which the LEA can address incidents that violate its Code of Conduct.

Goal of a Conduct Committee Investigation

The goal of the Conduct Committee is to gather enough information to be able to make a fair and reasonable recommendation whether to allow someone continued access to LEA events or resources.

In this role, the Committee will:

  • Document each incident report
  • Determine whether a report is actionable
  • Develop enough of an understanding of the situation that a recommendation for further action can be made to the LEA Board of Directors, if needed

The goal is NOT to determine guilt or innocence.

While the Conduct Committee may choose not to recommend action based on a single report, multiple reports about an individual constituting a pattern of behaviour can result in a recommendation of action. We do not label people as criminals or determine whether reports are true beyond reasonable doubt.



In cases where community members wish to submit a report but does not want the Conduct Committee to take further action, the report will be retained. If further reports are documented, establishing a pattern of behaviour in violation of the Code of Conduct, individuals who have submitted retained reports may be contacted. In such cases, Committee Members will do their best to maintain the anonymity of those who have filed reports, but it is not guaranteed.



The Conduct Committee tries to hear multiple perspectives about complex situations. As Committee volunteers and the individuals they need to talk to often have busy schedules, it can take several months to have a sufficient number of conversations to have an understanding of the situations that have been reported. If you are interacting with the Conduct Committee (as a reporter, subject of a report, or witness), you can help keep our process moving by responding to emails from the Committee in a timely fashion.

Typical Step-by-Step Procedure

  • When the Incident Report Form is submitted, Conduct Committee leads are automatically notified of the report
  • Conduct Committee Leads contact the person who submitted the report to verify the content and get their feedback on the two Committee Members assigned to their report
  • The Committee Members review the report and meet the person who submitted it to gather further information and explain possible next steps and outcomes
  • If the reporter does not want the Committee to interview the subject of their report, the report will be archived and no recommendation will be made to the Board. Should the Conduct Committee receive other reports about the same person, the reporter may be contacted as a witness.
  • If further action is requested, Committee Members will then talk with witnesses and the subject of the report
  • Committee Members may also consult with character witnesses such as other event hosts, and follow up any leads of similar behaviors to establish if there is a larger pattern
  • Committee Members bring the results of their investigation back to the full Committee to come to consensus on a recommendation
  • The Conduct Committee may recommends action(s) to the Board, including:
    • Provide an official warning
    • Bar a participant from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity
    • Suspend from LEA events for either one year or ban permanently
    • Archive the information and recommend no action
  • The Committee’s recommendation to the Board will outline basic details of the incident(s), but will not directly identify the individuals involved
  • Upon receiving a recommendation, the Board may:
    • Accept the recommendation
    • Request further detail or additional investigation
    • Pursue a different course of action
  • The Board contacts the subject of the warning, suspension, or ban with an official notice
  • The Conduct Committee contacts the reporter to notify them of the Board’s action
  • The Board will determine whether to announce the decision to the community or to notify other events


  • Incident Reports completed by First Response volunteers during LEA events will be submitted to the Conduct Committee following the event. The Committee will review and decide which incidents require follow-up and investigation. Committee members will then begin to interview the parties involved and undertake the process outlined above.