C3 – AGM 2014

Communiqué Three – AGM 2014

Hello Extraordinary Albertans,Our Annual General Meeting has been set for Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 6:30 pm, happening concurrently at the Milner Library in Edmonton & the downtown Sandman in Calgary. As this Board’s last act of business, we will kick off the AGM with a presentation on last year’s activities, and an election of our incoming board will follow.
You don’t have to be an Extraordinary Albertan to attend the AGM, but membership is required if you would like to vote or run in the elections. You can renew your membership or sign up here.
With that said…Do YOU think you have what it takes to make a positive and important contribution to our community by being on this year’s board? Or is there someone that you think would be a perfect fit for the role that you would like to nominate for us to contact? If so, please read on as greater detail follows.
To self-nominate, please send an email (on or before April 18th) to extraordinaryalbertans@gmail.com and include a paragraph (about 200 words) on why you would be a good candidate for the board. Please also include a photograph that you would like to accompany your paragraph on the candidate listing. To suggest a community member, please send an email before April 11th, detailing why they would make a great leader and provide contact info for us to follow up.
And for the rest of you Extraordinary Albertans, we look forward to seeing you at the AGM & Elections on May 14th!
The League of Extraordinary Albertans Board Members,
Czar Dim, Zoltan, Partytime, Dreegyn, Marty Party, Gnomette, Philbot,
Golde, & Olenka

The LEA Board has 10 officers. The descriptions below provide insight into the types of tasks and time commitments expected of board members.
The LEA Board travels to Red Deer via ride-share four times per year. In addition to these, each city schedules one to two meet-ups between quarterly meetings to work as a group on tasks assigned.
More than one person can fill a role, i.e. a shared position, or in some cases an officer can wear components from more than one role. The new officers decide who fills each position as a group once elected.
DIRECTORS: All Directors will be responsible at times for administration (writing and discussing policies and procedures, reviewing bylaws, etc), working with the Board to divide up tasks and complete action items, volunteering to be an Initiative Representative, voting on a number of subjects including P&P, donation requests, grant applications and initiative applications, bringing the greater Alberta communities voice to the LEA, and protecting the interests of the greater Alberta community and LEA. All directors should maintain a neutral stance on issues, and ask themselves the question: Is this decision the best possible outcome for the greater Alberta community as a whole?
PRESIDENT: The President or designate shall ensure an appropriate Board member is appointed to Committees of the society. He/she shall, when present, designate a member to preside at all Board and general meetings. In his/her absence, the Vice-President shall preside at any such meetings. In the absence of both, a chairperson may be elected at the meeting to preside. It is the Presidents responsibility to rally the rest of the Board, to inspire and support them in completing action items. The president acts as a project manager and holds the rest of the Board accountable.
VICE-PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside at any Board and general meetings. In the absence of both, a chairperson may be elected at the meeting to preside. It is the responsibility of the Vice-president to support the President, and the Board. The VP manages the LEA Board meetings, creates agendas for the meetings, books the venues and communicates dates and times to Board. All date and time changes for Board meetings go through the VP.
SECRETARY: It shall be the duty of the secretary to attend all Board and general meetings, and to keep accurate minutes of the same. In case of the absence of the Secretary, such officer as may be appointed by the Board shall discharge his/her duties. The Secretary shall have charge of all the correspondence of the society and be under the direction of the President and the Board. The Secretary shall also keep a record of all the members of the society and their email addresses, send all notices of the various Board and general meetings as required, and collect and receive the annual dues or assessments levied by the society, if any. Such monies shall be promptly turned over to the Treasurer for deposit in a Bank, Trust Company, Credit Union or Treasury Branch as required.
TREASURER: The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the society and be responsible for the deposit of it in whatever Bank, Trust Company, Credit Union or Treasury Branch the Board may order. He/she shall properly account for the funds of the society and keep such books as may be directed. He/she shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Board whenever requested and shall prepare for submission to the Annual General Meeting a statement duly audited of the financial position of the society and submit a copy of it to the Secretary for the records of the society. One person may fill the Office of the Secretary and Treasurer if any annual general meeting for the election of officers shall so decide. The treasurer will also be responsible for asset management and record keeping of assets. Note: Bookkeeping can be outsourced if it is not in the Treasurer’s skill set.
COMMUNICATION OFFICER (s): Responsible for communication to greater Alberta community about LEA actions. This may include a quarterly newsletter, emails to all members, website content updates and status updates on the LEA Facebook page. There may be a need to have two (2) Communication Officers, with one being familiar with website production. They must also coordinate with the other board members, specifically with Initiative Reps if any communication is required for important upcoming dates. Important points of communication are Board meeting highlights, upcoming initiatives, reports of grants and donations, and any LEA milestones.
GRANTS OFFICER: Responsible for taking in request applications (on the website), communicating with applicants, starting discussions about grants on the forum and at Board meetings, coordinating with the treasurer, collecting receipts and reports, getting cheques cut to approved applicants and coordinating with communication officers on communication back to the community about the grants. Eventually may be responsible for chairing a grants committee.
DONATIONS OFFICER: Responsible for bringing possible donations to the Board (starting discussions about donations on the forum and at Board meetings), coordinating with the treasurer, getting cheques cut for approved donations and coordinating with communication officers on communication back to the community about the donations.
INITIATIVE OFFICER: Responsible for taking in Initiative applications (on the website), communicating with applicants, starting discussions about Initiatives on the forum and at Board meetings, calling a vote on Initiatives and applicants, and coordinating with communication officers on communication back to the community about the Initiatives.  The IO will also coordinate with the Board to designate an Initiative Rep for each Initiative. They will also be available for FAQs for the Initiative
ELECTION OFFICER: Responsible for organizing and chairing the election committee prior to the AGM and election each year.
AGM OFFICER (1 per municipality): Responsible to organizing everything to do with the AGM each year including booking venue, coordinating communication to the community, and organizing content for the AGM with the Board.