C5 – Civic Engagement

Communiqué Five – Civic Engagement

We’re doing it right!

Participants at Beakerhead: A Taste of TTITD. Photo Credit Tracy Wylie

Participants at Beakerhead: A Taste of TTITD. Photo Credit Tracy Wylie

Hello Extraordinary Albertans,

Fall is upon us and our community is more active than ever before. The LEA has been busy upholding our mission to be a resource in initiating and propagating art and culture, while manifesting the values laid out in the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We’re inspired by The Burning Man Project to pursue this quest beyond the borders of our own community in the form of civic engagement.   With an ever-growing force of participants, we’re doing it right! So, what actions does your LEA board take to make this happen? Take a look at the following to see what we’ve been up to and read to the end to see what’s in store and how you can participate.

The LEA has been busy with…


Donations are given as gifts from the LEA.

     Gifting Food to the Default World

(Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre community service donation)

With money raised by the Robin Awards, directed through the LEA, we’re sponsoring a full dinner with dessert for the clientele at the Drop-In Centre on September 26 and we’re showing up to help prepare and serve it.

     Black Rock Solar

Freezer Burn is now financially stable enough to allow us the opportunity to make a donation back to one of the many non-profit Burning Man organizations. This year you helped to choose Black Rock Solar as our recipient.

     The following also received donations to support their fundraiser events:

  • Hippo Love
  • The Grove
  • Lazer Monkeez
  • Disco Dive


Initiatives are projects that the LEA puts its name and organizational resources behind, and are financially and legally liable for. Any LEA member can apply to request to produce an LEA initiative.

     Beakerhead: A Taste of That Thing In the Desert

On Friday, September 12, a hard-working group of Extraordinary Albertans demonstrated communal effort to bring a “Taste of That Thing In the Desert” to Calgary during the Beakerhead festival. The entire city was invited to engage in our culture by radically expressing themselves in their favourite costumes and heading to Sunnyside in Calgary to interact with art installations, performers, art cars, the Rocket Stage DJs, and everything Burning Man. Judging by the smiles on the faces of all ages, it was a rousing success. See some of the warm feedback here:

     Freezer Burn

Our home close to home was 600 participants strong this year, including our youngest burners. On the solstice weekend in June 2014, our community embodied the 10 Principles to create our best regional event to date. See some glowing comments and pictures here:


Grants are projects that the LEA supports, like Art Grants.  Any LEA member can apply for a grant.

     Honeycomb Backdrop

Honeycomb. Photo Credit Luke GS

Honeycomb. Photo Credit Luke GS

We love radical self-expression and this 24 foot long, wooden honeycomb pattern is no exception. It provided a stunning, psychedelic backdrop to the Grove Stage at Freezer Burn. Creators: Mark Thompson and Andy Merchant


Checkstop. Photo Credit Phil Butterworth

Checkstop. Photo Credit Phil Butterworth

This wooden tower, outfitted with an interactive fire cannon system controlled by the blood alcohol content of users, made its first appearance at Freezer Burn 2014.   It then travelled to the Playa where it was pulled around by a tricycle to engage participants and educate them on their tolerance/intolerance to alcohol. More alcohol, more flames! Creator: Phil Butterworth.

     Burner Portraits Photo Cart

Photo Cart. Photo Credit Wayne Stadler

Photo Cart. Photo Credit Wayne Stadler

Launched in August 2014 for Burning Man, this mobile wooden photo cart demonstrates participation, gifting, and immediacy by setting up in front of the Man, Temple, and some of the bigger art projects on the Playa. All participants are welcome to have their portrait taken, later to be found at www.waynerd.net and used however they wish. Creator and photographer: Wayne Stadler


At our bi-monthly meetings, the LEA Board of Directors discusses and votes upon policies and procedures. The following are in the process of being discussed, written, and/or approved:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Asset Management Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Director Indemnification Policy
  • Procedure for a volunteer subcommittee to facilitate ease of leverage of volunteers for all events and initiatives
  • Procedure for a First Response subcommittee for all events and initiatives
  • Initiative/grant due diligence check list

There is more greatness to come…

  •      Any LEA member can apply to request to produce an initiative here:

Decompocalypse needs YOU to make it happen.

Every initiative needs a leader and, since our previous organizing team is taking a much-needed break, we’re looking for someone to take that charge. Any member of the LEA can apply to produce our regional decompression party by applying here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of your LEA board members or send an email to info@extraordinaryalbertans.ca.

  •      Any LEA member can apply for a grant and we encourage you to do so here:
  •      You can be a part of the LEA grants procedure.

We’re looking for a volunteer from within the community to act as Grant Coordinator to assist with artist communication and proposal development. This individual will assist our Grants Officer and have the opportunity to help shape the grant process as we move forward. Express your interest by emailing info@extraordinaryalbertans.ca.

Anyone can be a member of the League Of Extraordinary Albertans.

If you haven’t already, sign up here.

Keep burning bright Alberta!


Your LEA Board Members,
Zoltan, Partytime, Dreegyn, Gnomette, Joëllicorn, Troy, Blake, Olenka, Leslie, and Rae Rae